episode 6 – an hour with our friend the bassmonster (john fortson)


twin, husband, father, soccer coach, founding member of squad five-o, bass guitarist for gasoline heart, georgia bulldogs super fan & good friend, hanging with john is always a fun time. in episode 6 john talks about why he’s never been into the beatles, the fine art of wedding dancing, turning the big 4-0, the best party he’s ever been to & a whole lot more.

super big thanks to john for drinking with us!

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episode 5 – jess cearley & her son crosby drop by, watch alvin & the chipmunks & get barked at by my dog.


this week the amazing jess cearly & her equally amazing son crosby paid us a visit. after our dog stopped barking & jess found something for crosby to watch on television (he settled on alvin & the chipmunks, you’ll hear it in the backround of this episode) jess & i got some time to chat.

first & foremost, we talked about the gofundme account she set up recently. all the proceeds will go to covering the expence of visiting her father who is currently in a hospital up north after being attacked in new york city. theres a link to her site below, please help if you can.

we also find out the origin of jesses very own holiday jessmass & talk about how friendships change in your 20s & 30s.

super big thanks to jess & crosby for dropping by!

jesses gofundme (please help if you can & spread the word)




episode 4 – always plug in your computer or you may lose an entire podcast


so in episode number four we get to talk with self described “designer,  communicator & follow through-er” tiffanie brunson for the second time. the first time we spoke with tiffanie we mistakenly deleted to entire recording shortly after she left our studio. (we’re still sorta new at the whole “saving after you record” part of podcasting). tiffanie is hilarious to talk with & wonderful for giving us a second shot at recording with us. take a listen…

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episode 3 – we take the show on the road to the home studio of mr. cj mask


in episode 3 we hang out with our buddy cj & his dog cash (named after johnny cash, of course). we talk about the illuminati, the correct way for a dude to wear mascara, having our hearts broken for the 1st time & being in a band. we also do just a little afternoon whiskey drinking.

you can catch cj playing all over central florida.


artist, podcaster & friend matt duke drinks scotch for the first time & talks with us


matts podcast matt and jonah make a scene was our inspiration for podcasting. in this episode matt talks about being a artist, being married, podcasting & his first kiss.

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& his podcast at:
matt and jonah make a scene

a talk with calvin cearley, orlando style icon, owner of cloak & dapper & all around cool guy




on our very first episode we sit down for a chat with mr. calvin cearley, owner of orlando based menswear shop cloak & dapper. we have a beer or two, drink some scotch & talk about life.

be sure to check out cloak & dapper at:

1219 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804
(407) 250-6783

or on the web: