eposide 10 – rosie the dog barks at a sugarcrash kid – a conversation with jermiah j. dunlap


right off the top we have to warn you, rosie, the official dog of scotch and “GOOD” conversation, barks for pretty much the entire podcast. you’ll wanna listen anyway because jeremiah dunlap is super interesting. in episode 10 of s&gc we discuss his undying love of late 90s screamo, receiving the coveted “jonathan award” in 8th grade for being nice, his mother touring with johnny cash & his ongoing work with the sugarcrash kids band & podcast.

super big thanks to jeremiah for hanging out & putting up with our super barky dog.


be sure to check out jeremiahs band the sugarcrash kids:


& the sugarcash kids podcast: 

also take check out his recording company, emissary studios:



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eposide 9 – fancy scissors & getting bit by a monkey – a conversation with lisa duke


lisa duke is an old soul. she likes old music, old movies & taking her time to observe the world around her. she also tells great stories. in episode 9 of scotch and “GOOD” conversation we find out about her fascination with bugs & why her bathroom is like a mid 90s nine inch nails video. we talk about her very expensive scissors & she tells us about getting bit by a cigarette smoking monkey.

as alway, super big thanks to lisa for hanging out with us!

the links….

lisa cuts & colors hair at kendall & kendall in beautiful winter park, fl:


pictures of some of the hair lisa’s done, her handsome husband, kitty cats & dead bugs:


you can sometimes hear lisa on her husbands podcast:


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episode 8 – sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, doll collecting & a new kidney. a conversation with steve garron


asshole, dickhead, egomaniacal, self-centered loser. these are words steve garron uses to describe himself in the first song he performs on episode 8 of scotch and “GOOD” conversation. after talking to him a bit he also uses words like father, son, artist & rockstar. life has most definitely dealt steve an interesting hand of cards but he has played them the best he knows how. we spent over an hour talking with steve about drugs, sex, music, fatherhood, doll collecting, art & new kidneys & i’m pretty sure we didn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

oh yeah, steve has a bit of a potty mouth. consider yourselves warned.

big thanks to steve for hanging out with us!

go see steve play november 16th at wills pub in orlando:


check out some of steve’s music:


check out steve’s website & buy a t-shirt:


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episode 7 – hanging with the inventor of the “uncomfortably long hug” chris mendez


chris “cub” mendez is easily one of the coolest dudes in orolando. among other things he’s a dj, he’s a promoter, he’s a nurse & he’s super fun to hang with. in episode 7 chris talks to us about growing up in trinidad, getting fired for the most awasome reason ever, promoting hip-hop shows in orlando, waking up in jail & his love of hugging.

be sure to check out some of the show chris has coming up in the orlando area

the grand collab – nov. 29th –


Quality Control – Nov. 14 –



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bamapana vintage menswear & dude stuff