episode 8 – sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, doll collecting & a new kidney. a conversation with steve garron


asshole, dickhead, egomaniacal, self-centered loser. these are words steve garron uses to describe himself in the first song he performs on episode 8 of scotch and “GOOD” conversation. after talking to him a bit he also uses words like father, son, artist & rockstar. life has most definitely dealt steve an interesting hand of cards but he has played them the best he knows how. we spent over an hour talking with steve about drugs, sex, music, fatherhood, doll collecting, art & new kidneys & i’m pretty sure we didn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

oh yeah, steve has a bit of a potty mouth. consider yourselves warned.

big thanks to steve for hanging out with us!

go see steve play november 16th at wills pub in orlando:


check out some of steve’s music:


check out steve’s website & buy a t-shirt:


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