eposide 10 – rosie the dog barks at a sugarcrash kid – a conversation with jermiah j. dunlap


right off the top we have to warn you, rosie, the official dog of scotch and “GOOD” conversation, barks for pretty much the entire podcast. you’ll wanna listen anyway because jeremiah dunlap is super interesting. in episode 10 of s&gc we discuss his undying love of late 90s screamo, receiving the coveted “jonathan award” in 8th grade for being nice, his mother touring with johnny cash & his ongoing work with the sugarcrash kids band & podcast.

super big thanks to jeremiah for hanging out & putting up with our super barky dog.


be sure to check out jeremiahs band the sugarcrash kids:


& the sugarcash kids podcast: 

also take check out his recording company, emissary studios:



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