eposide 11 – high school, hometowns & growing up – a conversation with michelle ojea


it’s funny how you think you know someone. growing up we thought michelle had the perfect life. beautiful, popular & cool. but, it turns out she was like the rest of us, full of doubt & just wanting to get somewhere better. well, we both made it out of our little hometown & we got a chance to play catch up with this former high school cheerleader. michelle’s done really well for herself. just as beautiful as ever, she has seen the world & runs her own successful company. in episode 11 of s&gc we talk about the high school we both went to & not feeling like we fit in, traveling the world & how her 22 years as a flight attendant lead her to own a business that was invited to the emmy awards.

super big thanks to michelle for hanging out (& for the bottle of scotch!)


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