episode 27 – lawyers, partying in a castle, making liquor, monkey islands & a spanking new brewstillery – a conversation with andrew l. asher


first off, despite what we say at the beginning, this is episode 27 not 26. at some point we’ll catch up & everything will be correct. bear with us, we drink a lot & we’re still kinda new at this whole podcasting thing.

we were looking forward to this one. beside being a totally down to earth & likable dude, andrew asher makes booze for a living. we were lucky enough to have him bring a very nice bottle for this recording. we drank a little of his delicious bourbon & covered a very wide variety of topics. from our mutual love of vintage concert shirts & the new “brewstillery” he’s in the process of opening to a prep-school fistfight he may have totally won. in the end we decide we may wanna be like andrew when we grow up.

big thanks to andrew for drinking with us.


andrew’s company winter park distilling makes some damn fine, award winning bourbon, vodka & rum:


andrew’s “brewstillery”, the bear & the peacock should be open in winter park, fl. very soon & we can’t wait:


andrew’s mom sounds cool, go see her & her friends cover led zeppelin:



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